Diesel particulate filter cleaning: the dangers of DIY cleaning

Diesel particulate filter cleaning the DIYer we have had many customers call us, explaining, “we have watched many do it your self youtube videos about DPF cleaning and the results have been nothing like what we expected”

We all know since the DPF traps all the particles and soot, the filter gets clogged over time. When regeneration takes place, some of the soot turns to ash and over time we have soot and ash accumulated that brings you to this blog.

Diesel particulate filter cleaning Why clean a DPF?

The answer here is simply down to the viability, is it cheaper to clean then replace? is there an underlying issuing? In which case replacing the DPF will make little difference as it will block again, in the end, the only factor where it is not worth cleaning the DPF is when it has reached its end of life or has been physically damaged aside from this, DPF is worth cleaning in my view. We offer on the car and off the car solutions. Click here to watch our off car video.

The dangers of DIY cleaning the DPF

It’s not impossible to clean a DPF at home. But the risk is high. The filter is a very delicate component of your car. You can easily damage it during DIY cleaning. Moreover, DIY cleaning is done with the methods that some of the videos I have seen are very shocking and shocking more is the raving reviews viewers have left not knowing the real ramifications of what they have done by attempting to clean the DPF.


As a professional who has been keenly following this topic for many years, the retail and home remedies available do not do what they say they will do. We have checked over 25 “Trade grade” products, taken before and after readings and to this date we are unable to find one chemical that will provide us with satisfactory results. In our opinion and experience, the most effective on car cleans come with a 3 part cleaning method these are where we have recorded the best results.

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