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Loss of Power * DPF Warning Light * Limp Mode * Failed Regeneration

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DPF Specialists are experts in restoring your DPF like new.

We provide a roadside cleaning service for all makes and models.

Benefits of our DPF Cleaning Service

DPF Health Check

Diagonistics & Forced Regen Clean
£ 119 +Vat
  • DPF Health Check
  • DPF Pressure Reading
  • Forced Regeneration*

Trade Clean

Trusted by the Trade DPF Clean
£ 249 +Vat
  • DPF Trade Clean
  • DPF Diagnostic Check
  • Before and After DPF Cleaning Report
  • 14 Day Warranty

Premium Clean

Deep Industrial DPF Clean​
£ 329 +Vat
  • Deep Industrial DPF Clean
  • Full System Diagnostic
  • Free 20 Point DPF & Vehicle Check
  • Full Technical Report with DPF Readings
  • Free Klēn’s DPF Cleaner & Regeneration AID & Diesel Treatment (RRP £49)
  • Free Diagnostics Pro (RRP £99)
  • 120 Days Warranty
No.1 Clean

Experts in all Makes & Models

Hyundai DPF Cleaning
Ford DPF Cleaning
Chevrolet DPF Cleaning
Chrysler DPF Cleaning
Audi DPF Cleaning
Mercedes DPF Cleaning
Vauxhall DPF Cleaning
Citroen DPF Cleaning
Toyota DPF Cleaning
BMW DPF Cleaning
VW DPF Cleaning

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