Ford Transit DPF Cleaning

Welcome to our Ford Transit DPF Cleaning Blog

Welcome to the DPF Specialist Blog, this blog will be focusing on the Ford Transit DPF Blocked problems. Above all, we talk about regeneration, symptoms, fault codes, DPF cleaning options on the car and off the car.

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What makes us better than the rest?

We provide a gold service by carefully handpicking all our chemicals from a vast range of available professional grades, which in conjunction with our specialist cleaning machine, provides you with the best possible results. All our replacement parts are sourced from our partner Xpart. For more information please contact us by clicking here.

The starting point is to identify the symptoms to ascertain if your DPF is at fault….

Symptoms of a blocked DPF

  • Limp mode
  • Difficult starting
  • Bad smells
  • Loss of power

The second step is to try DPF regeneration….

  • Ford Transit Regeneration process
  • The engine is at normal operating temperature
  • Drive the vehicle at a minimum speed of 40mph for 15 minutes @ 2000 rpm
  • Regeneration has completed the DPF light should switch off

Finally, the third step …

Have your DPF professionally cleaned. DPF Specialist have a fleet of mobile vans nationwide that provide a cleaning service which includes diagnostics, cleaning of the DPF, removing stubborn carbon deposits, as part of the vehicle’s regeneration processes. In other words, this is without removing the DPF and the added value is that our mobile equipped DPF Assist vans can do this at your place of work or home.

Please see our competitive same day off-car cleaning service for more information or why not give us a call 0333 060 6801 to find out more. Additionally, feel free to watch our video on how a DPF has cleaned off the car by clicking here.

Benefits of using our DPF cleaning patented technology:

  • Removal of all residuals, including PM10 particles and cerium.
  • Efficient cleaning of all of the types of particulate filter and catalyst.
  • Preservation of the noble metal coatings of the DPF and catalyst.
  • Environmentally friendly process.

Be Careful of being misadvised

Companies that are offering a forced regeneration and charging you, is a sales trick to up sale you an expensive service we have heard many horror stories.

About DPF Specialist:

With a nationwide service, powered by Auto Assist, a global buying force that sets us apart from the rest. Our sole aim is to exceed customer expectations.

Established since 2009, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for outstanding technical know-how, service and value. 

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