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In collaboration with Klén Technology… We now offer Carbon cleaning with the latest technology from Klén.

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Carbon Cleaning

Carbon cleaning by Klen is the ultimate solution to reducing carbon contamination.

The build-up damages engine components such as EGR valves, DPFs, turbos, inlet manifold and injectors the repair bill can end up costing thousands very easily. Carbon build-up is also a common cause for MOT failures due to the emissions failing.

Based on the Oxy-hydrogen engine carbon clean method, our Technical Director has found this to be the most effective and controlled method to reduce and in many cases remove significant carbon build-up. After testing many other machines Klèn have been by far the most effective

The system fundamentally leverages a HHO generator that generates gas, which is injected through the air intake pipe, via controlled and precise methods by our fully trained engineers, to help eliminate the carbon and ensure we deliver the best possible results.

Our cleaning process can restore lost performance and also help your vehicle to pass the emissions component of its MOT test. The professional team of technicians here at DPF Specialists can offer a carbon cleaning service that could help to make your vehicle run more effectively and cost-efficiently while also helping to protect the environment.

As an Approved partner of Klèn, our Carbon Cleaning Centres offers
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Why May I Need To Have Engine Carbon Cleaning?

Both petrol and diesel vehicles produce power through the burning of fuel. This is a process that results in sooty exhaust gases. Catalytic converters and DPFs (diesel particulate filters) are emissions control devices that have been designed and fitted to vehicles to reduce the amount of soot that gets into the atmosphere down to a minimal level. However, some will inevitably be deposited on the components in the exhaust system and engine.

As a result, carbon cleaning is necessary to remove the built-up carbon deposits and to restore the engine and the vehicle to its former high performance.

How Do I Know That Carbon Cleaning Is Necessary?

If your vehicle is well maintained, regularly serviced and is often taken out for long drives, carbon deposits are less likely to become an issue. However, if you fail to service your car or only drive short distances at low speeds, you are running the risk of an excess build-up of deposits. If your vehicle is suffering from poor performance, if your dashboard warning light has lit up or if your vehicle fails its MOT for emissions, you should consider engine carbon cleaning.

We also offer diesel particulate filter cleaning (DPF)  which can be related to high emissions and MOT emissions failure for more information on our DPF cleaning click here.

Why Choose Klen’s Carbon Cleaning by DPF Specialists?

DPF Specialists are a top choice in the area for engine carbon cleaning. We have established a reputation for excellence, professionalism and outstanding customer service, and thanks to our experience in the field and our competitive prices we are the number one option for you if you’re looking for carbon cleaning.  We’re dedicated to helping you to keep your vehicle running at its optimal level, all at a price that you can afford.

Our team of highly trained and experienced expert technicians can quickly and cost-effectively clean the carbon deposits from your vehicle’s engine, restoring its performance and getting you back out on the road as quickly as possible with minimal downtime.

If you’re ready to find out more about the carbon cleaning service that we can provide, give us a call today. We’re looking forward to helping you.

Auto Assist group is the parent company and delivers fleet business package solutions for information click here.

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With DPF Specialist payment assist, we can offer 0% interest free credit on our services. No credit checks required. Spread the cost equally over 4 months with interest free payments.

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