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With our mobile workshop and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer Oil & Filter Change and other motor services including Servicing, Eoly’s (PAT) Fluid, DPF Pressure Replacement, Fuel Vaporizer Replacement, Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement and other automotive repairs.

Our Parent company, Auto Assist Group focus, is to deal with fleet operators and business users for more information click here.

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DPF Cleaner

Prevention is better than cure

Klen’s DPF Cleaner & Regeneration Aid is a preventative treatment designed for drivers making a lot of short, low-speed trips, when the engine is not getting hot enough to burn off excess soot. This award winning product works by lowering the point at which the soot burns off.

Why Choose Our Service?

Many satisfied customers come to us for our DPF cleaner service because we are experienced and only employ a friendly and qualified team. From unrivalled diagnostic tests to our roadside mobile DPF cleaning, everything about our service is convenient. When you choose us, you will be back on the road with a high-performing vehicle in no time at all. For more information about our services, then contact us at your earliest convenience.

Call In The Experts Now!

If you have noticed that your diesel vehicle has started to underperform, then it may be a build-up of soot and foreign matter in the DPF that is causing the issue. Do not let this build up further and cause you to have to buy a new and expensive DPF. Instead, call in the experts and get a reliable DPF test to put your mind at rest. Our tests and cleaning service are affordable and guarantee results. All you have to do is get in touch.

If having a high-performing diesel vehicle and saving your hard-earned cash is the aim, then speak to us soon! Our friendly and knowledgeable team are waiting to hear from you today.

We also offer an off car DPF cleaning service  Click here to see a DPF being cleaned off car from as little as £89.00.

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