Klēn’s Advanced Diesel Cleaner Triple Action


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Prevention is better than cure

  • Cleans the entire fuel system including injectors and fuel pump
  • Restores power and performance
  • Improves combustion and reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases cetane number
  • Protects the fuel system against corrosion
  • Lubricates and extends the life of injectors and fuel pump
  • Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases

Klēn’s Advanced Diesel Cleaner Triple Action cleans and lubricates the whole of the fuel system both pre and post-combustion. As well as maintain your engine and fuel system performance, it will prevent corrosion and the harmful build-up of deposits in injectors and valves.

Klēn’s Advanced Diesel Cleaner Triple Action is designed to improve the overall engine power and efficiency, as well as considerably reducing costly down time.

Instruction for use: Add one 500ml bottle of Klēn’s Advanced Diesel Cleaner Triple Action to the diesel tank.

For better results and maintenance, repeat use every 1000 miles.

Prevention is better than cure

Klēn’s DPF Cleaner & Regeneration Aid is a preventative treatment designed for drivers making a lot of short, low-speed trips, when the engine is not getting hot enough to burn off excess soot. This award winning product works by lowering the point at which the soot burns off.

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