Why Buy A DPF Cleaning Machine?

Welcome to the Diesel Particulate Specialist Filter Blog (DPF specialist). In this blog, we look at the return on investment of investing in a DPF cleaning machine vs outsourcing the clean.  

I will use two examples, and the first will be of a Garage that has invested in a DPF cleaning machine and the second will be a garage that outsources the clean to a DPF specialist centre.

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Garage A DPF Cleaning Machine Purchase

Decided to invest in a £28,000 DPF machine to offer their customers a  DPF cleaning service. This is how their ROI worked out:

Gargae A had a total revenue of £2,152.00 per month.

Let’s fast forward to the first financial qtr the following ROI was reported £6,456.00 after costs Garage A was left with £4,536.00 (excluding labour rates)

So the return on investment gave the Garage a low return of 15%, even less if I was to take into account the time it takes to set up the DPF for a clean and inspection. As time went by the numbers dropped as the market was facing increasing saturation from mobile cleaning firms. The Garage never made it into Qtr2 as they decided to sell the machine at a loss due to the return being so low.

Grage B Outsourcing From As Little As £89.00

Decided to outsource their DPF cleaning business to a DPF centre. Garage B operates in the following way, and they take on average two hours to remove and refit the DPF, they too had roughly the same volume of DPF cleans of 8 jobs per month, that’s 24 in a qtr.

The billable work less labour amounted to £4,536.00, and the Garage paid DPF Assist £89.00 per job, the ROI for the Garage was a whopping  212%.

This begs the question do you need to invest in a DPF cleaning machine?  Unless you have a high foot flow demand for DPF cleaning, buying a DPF cleaning machine would be a costly mistake for most, this is where DPF Specialist can help you make more profit with a quick turnaround. We have great deals on volume-based DPF cleaning so the more you give us, the more we give you back.

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